Smart Delivery Masterclass - 2019

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Smart Delivery Masterclass - 2019

Smart Delivery Masterclass

The Smart Delivery Masterclass is a one-day workshop with a totally unique cross between our magic training experiences and one-to-one magic coaching that gives you the tricks of the trade to take yourself to your next level!

This new day, with a unique and special format, is focused on how you can take the tricks, tools and techniques we’ve been using and apply it in very practical and guided ways to what you do now.

What makes this day different to everything else we’ve ever done is that we’ll work directly and intimately with you in break-out sessions during the day.

These sessions will feature exercises, group discussions and time to build up your magic, performance and delivery skills – all whilst both Alex and George are there to guide you, make suggestions and give you our own hard-earned experience after 10 years of working together in this strange, fascinating and rewarding field.

What Will You Get?

Smart Delivery is about taking the ideas that magicians have been using for centuries and really beginning to apply them to your delivery by sharing, exploring and understanding their impact. By doing this, you will be:

  • Enhancing your presentations
  • Energizing your pitches
  • Improving your networking
  • Enriching your work with clients
  • Boosting your business
  • Creating your new materials
  • Connecting with your team
  • Getting your message heard
  • Adding to your new hobby
  • Attracting your new customers
  • Establishing your brand
  • Stimulating your storytelling

All of these need high levels of engagement, empathy and creativity, and it’s through working on your Smart Delivery that you can get these.

Through creating our own version of the Smart approach – Simple, Magical, Agile, Reachable and Targeted – to your delivery, you can learn ways that magicians, mentalists and mystery workers have used to keep their audience’s fascinated by what they do.

By the nature of the day, what you will come away with will be bespoke, flexible and specialised to you. However, as examples of what you might learn through working closely with us, we share with you how to:

  • Influence The Future – A surprisingly simple and straight-forward way of predicting or influencing what your audience will choose.
  • Always Be Correct – Learn how a Magician is always in control, comfortable, and confident and knows what they're doing.
  • Think Creative – A flexible method of knowing whatever your participant is thinking of, without going anywhere near them, where you can make them focus on anything you choose to.
  • Produce Impossible Objects – Change what people have just seen - anything you would like – in the hands of your audience AFTER they have signed it.
  • Instant Coincidence – Learn our custom-made three phase card routine that explores choice, chance and coincidence – guaranteed to leave people aghast, mystified and their minds blown apart.
  • Engage With Mind-Reading – Whether they’re cards, objects, words, shapes or symbols, you will be able to pick up on whatever your audience is thinking and predict what will happen next.

These are just the foundation steps – the Smart Delivery Masterclass isn’t just about the tricks; it’s about learning how to create a magical experience. See the Three Levels of Magic section below for more about this.

Why a Smart Delivery Masterclass?

We have been working together for 10 years, delivering our own fascinating mix of training and performances up and down the United Kingdom, as well as sharing our techniques with clients internationally through our digital kits and one-to-one coaching sessions.

Throughout the last decade, we have worked with thousands of people from all kinds of backgrounds, but we want to do more with our time spent together.

That’s where the Masterclass Aspects come in. Everything we do covers three levels of learning magic, spending our time with the whole class covering the following:

  • Experiencing our magic performance first-hand and up close
  • Learning how these tricks, effects and pieces are created and performed
  • Understanding how the underlying psychological principles work

However, on top of these, unique to our Smart Delivery Masterclass, we will then split into small groups and work with you in a close and intimate setting to:

  • Share practical methods for applying these ideas to what you do now
  • Work on your own presentational and delivery skills
  • Guide you, step-by-step, in how to create your own special performance piece

This day is suitable for anyone looking to explore and enhance novel approaches to their delivery. It is coaching-focused and will be driven by your interactions and outcomes, with the aim in mind that we will enhance your creative process. You will get the most out of it if you have a specific delivery scenario in your mind.


The Aim for Smart Delivery

The Smart Delivery Masterclass has one aim in mind:

Give you the tools you need to create a magical experience.

It is a myth that magic is about deception, deceit or lies. The truth is that magic is about experiencing something impossible happen in front of you.

People go to the movies every weekend and expect to see the impossible on screen – robots smashing into buildings, monsters rising from the deep, Harry Potter blasting spells, Spider-man swinging through the city – but we do not consider these deceptive or deceitful.

Instead, we accept them as ways of enhancing our stories, as ways of expressing metaphors, for bringing our heroes to life and acting as a vehicle for our feelings of anxiety, fear, longing, victory and joyfulness.

In the same way, magic is about giving you a set of tools, tricks and techniques to enhance, express, bring ideas to life and act as a vehicle for your delivery. Whether you use magic as intervention, metaphor, storytelling or just an extra kicker at the end, the magic we share with you is about improving the engagement you have with the people you spend your time with.

By taking part in Smart Delivery, you will learn how taking a simple trick, working it into an effect and moulding it to create a piece unique to you, helps you ultimately to create a magical experience for yourself and the people around you.

Taking You To Your Next Level

Smart Delivery is all about using these ideas to take you to your next level – whether that’s giving you the confidence for performing your magic piece, teaching the principles to your clients, working one-on-one using magic as an intervention or drilling down into what makes your story worth telling.

We will share with you a bunch of our own magic that we have been using up and down the country for years and explain not only how they work and why they engage people, but how you can learn to take the methods behind them and create your own piece.

Throughout the day, we will split up into small groups and work with you in a personalised and bespoke way. We will use the same techniques we have done on our one-to-one and group coaching sessions to give you the tricks of the trade so you can go away and develop your own powerful, personal and practical magical piece.

The aim for the Smart Delivery day is to share with you the tools, techniques and tricks that we have been using ourselves for the past decade that will take you to the next level.

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