Psychological Artistry: MindFoolness - 2019

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Psychological Artistry: MindFoolness - 2019

Psychological Artistry: MindFoolness

You may have never thought about learning magic and mentalism before, but that’s where its strength lies. The novelty, the newness and the nature of mentalism is in its completely new experiences. It is no overstatement to say that if you change your experiences today, you can change who you are tomorrow. This way, you can learn that your experiences are built, not built-in.

Challenge yourself with these ideas: don’t just blindly defend your old concepts, explore and discover new concepts. By developing a rich set of concepts, you have a toolbox to become the architect of your life. The greater your range of experiences, the greater your ability to think well and put your knowledge to good use.

By using brand new science concerning the brain, you can start to see how the human brain is wired to:

  • Mistake perceptions for reality
  • Suffer from Experiential Blindness
  • Be fooled by our own minds

By learning Mentalism, you get the tools, tricks and techniques that you need to stand out amongst the competition, open your mind up to new ideas and create lasting connections with your audience across your personal and professional life. By learning Mindfoolness, you get an understanding how your mind works, how you can be fooled and how you can use this to live up to your potential.

What You Take Away from the Day

Since the beginning of 2011, we have been running these days across the country. On each of the days, we have had people thrilled and excited by the materials we have given them, as well as the alternative approaches to traditional problems and grateful for the fun and entertainment we have provided, as well as energized by the thought of all the fun and entertainment they can provide. We have done this by providing the following materials:

  • Seven Core Mentalism Effects
  • Five Attention Grabbers
  • Project MindFoolness Live! PowerPoint Presentation
  • Project MindFoolness Pack
  • Follow-up support

Book Your Place Now!

Project MindFoolness Live! will be full of mind-blowing, fascinating looks and approaches to psychology, mind magic, neuroscience and the art of wonder.

Take this opportunity now to start expanding your mind, learning new ways to see invisible worlds and take part in a brand new experiment that will turn, twist and shatter your expectations! Project MindFoolness Live! will inspire you with awe, wonder and amazement!

One thing is for certain, you'll never see the world the same way again!

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