Mindsways Digital Kit Bundle

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Mindsways Digital Kit Bundle

Mindsways Digital Kit Bundle

A combination of our two kits - The Psychological Artistry Kit and The Mindsways Kit whilst SAVING YOUR 20%!

The Psychological Artistry Kit

This kit is a unique and innovative approach to developing and delivering psychological artistry in your coaching, your business and with the techniques you use in getting your ideas across.

The kit is made up of 17 distinct materials, concepts and ideas that with a bit of practice, you can perform in any situation, at any time and illustrating any principle. These ideas are taken from the Mind Magic and Mentalism world, so are rarely found anywhere else.

The kit is also accompanied by 4 and a half hours of video and audio instructions. We cover topics such as:

  • The Neuroscience of Psychological Artistry
  • Cognitive Fitness Habits
  • Behavioural Insights
  • Creativity, Imagination and Curiosity
  • The Power of Perceptions
  • Storytelling and Narrative
  • Visualisations, Goal Setting and Team Work
  • Novelty, Deliberate Practice and Success

On top of this, you get Exclusive, Royalty-Free rights to use both our McGurk Illusion video for yourself and Test Your Mindfoolness. These are non-branded and perfect for illustrating how we don't believe what we see, we see what we believe.

In addition to all of this, you also get Perceptions, an 80 page, full-colour download that covers brand new material in rich, vivid detail, such as:

  • The Psychological Artistry Adventure
  • The Power Of Perceptions
  • Think Of Anything
  • Red or Black
  • The X Deck
  • Six Principles Of The Mentalist's Mindset
  • Conceptual Choices
  • The Enthusiasm Quotient
  • Cold Reading System
  • Key Learning Points

This means that you can always be ready to illustrate what you do, as well as tell people. You will always be prepared to give a talk or presentation.

The Mindsways Kit

You can use the Mindsways kit not just to duplicate the feats you’ve only ever seen done by the likes of Derren Brown, but also understand the psychology behind how they work, use them in what you do and make them work for you as well!

The magic tricks you will get in this online toolkit are easy-to-learn and allow you to entertain, engage and inform at all-levels. By working through the kit, you will learn how to add dramatic emphasis to your messages, create talking points, add production value to your services, create memorable artefacts with your business cards and enhance your personal and professional brand.

Key Highlights

Key aspects you'll learn from the kit are:

  • Many ways of stimulating your creativity, imagination and innovation
  • Brand new customisable & personalised magic effects that Engage and Entertain
  • Ways to develop your Status, Reputation, Memorability & Authority
  • Finding your voice, Delivery Style and developing your Delivery Vocabulary
  • Learn about the powers of MMI’s, Storytelling and Clashing Concepts
  • Apply different ideas from Psychology, Social Neuroscience & Behavioural Insights
  • A step-by-step process of applying 50+ brand new exercises to your personal and professional life
  • Connecting with and creating memorable moments for anyone in the room with you
  • Unleashing your inner power to amuse, amaze and engage with people
  • Working on your Confidence, Growth Mindset, Public Speaking Skills & Personal Development

Take This Opportunity Now!

The Mindsways Kit is all about being practical, carrying out actions - in short doing something.

These tricks can be disarmingly simple, but they produce very powerful and profound effects in people. Take this opportunity to revolutionise what you do now. It is a process designed to be able to get you to create greater value, add benefit, leverage your advantage and enhance the lives of people you interact with.

Take this chance to improve your professional and personal life with magic now!

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