Psychological Artistry: Beyond Belief - 2019

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Psychological Artistry: Beyond Belief - 2019

Psychological Artistry: Beyond Belief

This exciting one-day workshop using magic, mentalism and psychological artistry to help you make yourself more engaging, understanding your thinking, and getting insights into why we believe what we believe...

What You Get On The Day

This one-day workshop teaches you magic, mentalism and Psychological Artistry. It has been described as 'very interesting, unusual and an enjoyable experience'.

Psychological Artistry: Beyond Belief focuses on more than just the tricks. It gives you the tools and techniques you need to create an experience.

We will unpick the structure, the thinking behind magic and mentalism, the construction of a show and give you insight into the Behind-The-Scenes of how to build, improve and deliver any of your presentations.

On top of this, we weave in ideas from across mentalism, psychology, stand-up comedy, neuroscience, theatre, acting, character writing, storytelling, behavioural insights and communication.

The day is perfect for beginners and powerful for professionals!

By the end of the day, you will be able to perform all the tricks we demonstrate and integrate them into what you do.

Why Attend The Day?

Learning the effects on Beyond Belief is a great way to start exploring belief systems, developing your understanding of psychology and engaging people with unique and innovative presentation techniques.

The magic you will see and learn challenges beliefs, creates new opportunities for innovation and delivers entertaining, memorable and powerful moments in coaching, training, business, and personal development.

Learning mind magic gives you a quick, effective and fun way to make an impact, whatever you’re doing. Beyond Belief gives you tools and access to new and novel approaches, with lots of practical material and entertaining tricks.

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